With the dreary days of winter behind us, Spring is the perfect time to refresh and lighten up your living space. Clients have asked me what they can do to bring about a change to their home without starting over or spending a great amount of money. I always suggest three easily attainable changes.

Atlanta Furniture Store Spring RefreshDecluttering

Start by decluttering, it doesn’t take very long to acquire objects that drew our attention for a number of reasons, but in reality, did nothing to enhance our space. Choose a storage closet or create a holding space to place the items you are removing from your vision, this makes the purging process a little less painful and affords you the opportunity to return them to your décor if you find them to be truly missed. The key is to sort through and eliminate some of these treasures rather than hoarding them out of site.

Lightening Up Your Space

Dark rooms can be brightened up with fresh paint. Choosing lighter colors to replace those heavy earthy tones is sure to bring a refreshing and immediate change to any room. There was a time when the trend for trim and millwork was to paint it dark creating a strong contrast, I suggest keeping the trim subtle and light. Libraries boasting heavy oak traditional wainscoting is always in vogue, and will be equally attractive when painted natural tones.

Freshen Up Windows & Accessories

As a designer I certainly recall the days of over embellishments, one of those being elaborate window treatments. The swags, jabots’, cornice boards all of which were layered with cording, tassels and fringe, should be taken down. If you prefer not to completely remove your window treatments and choose to preserve some of your hefty investment, I suggest just leaving the under panels after you have removed the extra enhancements.

Elaborate floral silk arrangements were another go to accessory, unfortunately they become tattered and dusty over time, replace them with fresh flowers, orchids or other table top options.

Many times, the simplest change can have the greatest impact, inspiring you to refresh and renew your living space. Enjoy the season of renaissance!

Riccardo Apreda
Riccardo Apreda

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