room for decompressingWhen observing the active lives many of my clients have in juggling work and family I often suggest creating an adult retreat within their homes.

Most parents put their children’s needs and comfort first which is laudable, whether it be shuttling them to and from school or cheering them on through their extracurricular activities little time is left to recharge and reflect. Often when time presents itself, finding a space to simply be alone in does not exist. Identifying this area within your household need not be as challenging as one may imagine.

In touring clients homes I often see staged spaces that are not used by the family. The small room right off the foyer, a guest room that seldom hosts visitors, perhaps that storage room on the terrace level, or the abandoned screen porch can be purged of their contents and make the ideal location for your private retreat.

Once you have selected the space, choose furnishings and accents that you find calming. A warm natural color pallet along with selecting comfortable furniture textures will afford you the luxury of relaxing the body and clearing your mind. Be a little selfish in creating this “off-limit” space, surround yourself with only things that bring you comfort.

The perfect chair, chase or sofa that invites you to collapse into it free from guilt with a favorite book is a must. Lighting that can be dimmed along with a sound element that can be volume controlled will be sure to envelop your state of decompression. When you have the opportunity to enjoy a view of your outdoor landscape it is sure to enhance the tranquility of your private space. A soothing water feature is a nice touch which can be accomplished with a cascading wall fountain or dish garden. A posh rug encourages bare feet and will prove to be a welcomed addition to your retreat.

In closing know that taking care of you affords you the ability to better facilitate the needs of your family. So go ahead and build your “empty nest” before the fledglings fly!


Peter Benedetto

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